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  • I am slightly frustrated.

    What do I do when I get aggressive over the things I love because I want to be better than what I actually am?


    Make this work tumblr. The fist Test from the room! look how 3D it looks :-D

    Very interesting beautiful stuff is happening on my Filmmaking blog. Make sure you follow me there! Thanks

    A big Hello, to every single one of my 608 followers!

    WOW I hit 608 followers that night! fantastic! Hello! Enjoy! :-)

    uh, rough sketch looks kinda okay.nope. ugh, he looks like a gorilla.mirrored it looks much better. But I am still not happy
I think I am getting somewhere.Yeah.. kinda. but the eye and nose looks strange and it doesnt look like danNope. the right eye is just.. No.Nope. still the right eye. I HATE YOU!!Remove pupils. everything is wrong.Fuck you right eye, I am uploading this picture without you.

    Struggles that no one but a perfectionist artist will understand.

    *sigh* I am never gonna finish this picture.

    the moment when you cant fix the eye and it doesn’t look like Dan and you are too tired and pissed to fix it.

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