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  • “ she was like a star…
    After her death, you could still see her, even tho she lapsed for good. Her light still shines on me ”

    —    a part-time poet

    I also made a version (transparent) with no balls at all. Put it in your bag! or your blog. or your wall. or your car..

    NOW! NEW! Get the whole “endless balls” package!

    1. Install the 2# picture as your background picture.

    2. Reblog The “Too many balls picture”

    3. Reblog the “Too many balls transparent picture”

    Congrats! Now You have far too many balls!

    another picture in process! I should learn for my final exams. Meh.
    ALSO I CANT UPLOAD THIS WITH safari, and google chrome hates me. It messed up this picture. why?? Now I use firefox, everything is so different. I don´t like it.

    I freaking love 3D. I can´t wait to learn character design! *sigh*

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