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    The Writers Block

    The opposite of a writer´s block

    Did you miss me? I haven´t posted stuff in a while… months… ages. But anyway! I hope that will change soon! Cause I´m full with ideas! The problem is those ideas grow very fast, and get very big.. ah.. good example is my new video “the story so far”. At first, it was just a youtube header for Ara Cho. A simple illustration. Than, I was almost finished, I glitched in after effects. and.. made a video. ( took me just one day more) but, than I had the idea for making a series of this film. Pew… why do I do that. Why brain.. The ideas grow to big.

    I somehow cant bridle my ideas! - I plan a short film.

    brain says: “No! I don´t want the character to die in the end.”
    Me: ok, so what do we do?”
    Brain: “what if, she survives the apocalypse and tries to find a way to travel back in time?”
    Me: “Uhhh… yes yyes.. How long is this idea gonna take us?”
    Brain “A few months, maybe a year or so…”
    Me: “But what about all the other ideas? When I make that, I don´t have time for all the other stories.”
    Brain:”Sooo.. Do you mean.. skip it? the whole idea and never begin?”
    Me: “yeah. the idea wasn´t good after all.”

    … WHAT… Why me? Why Brain? Why ideas?

    PJ (KickThePj) in a PJ (Pyjama) eating a PJ (Peanut butter Jelly sandwich)Too much PJ? I say still not enough! —-?

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