"Balls, endless Balls!…This is my Life now."–KickThePj in >What's In My Bag?<
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    1. Install the 2# picture as your background picture.

    2. Reblog The “Too many balls picture”

    3. Reblog the “Too many balls transparent picture”

    Congrats! Now You have far too many balls!

    another picture in process! I should learn for my final exams. Meh.
    ALSO I CANT UPLOAD THIS WITH safari, and google chrome hates me. It messed up this picture. why?? Now I use firefox, everything is so different. I don´t like it.

    I freaking love 3D. I can´t wait to learn character design! *sigh*

    I feel like.. this perspective is wrong. But I stared too long at this picture. But, anyway, I hope I can finish this NEW PICTURE till tomorrow evening. :-)

    I always accidentally land on your blog because deviantart and deepriverblue both starts with 'de' and I'm used to only typing the first two letters, but I don't mind, your blog is lovely to look at and at the moment green as well.

    Asked by Anonym

    Oh! What a happy incident! :-)

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